28 Days Later Review

28 Days Later Review

I was excited about 28 Days Later the minute I heard about it. I wasn’t excited because it was a zombie movie but because it was produced by the Trainspotting team of Andrew Macdonald and Danny Boyle, and written by Alex Garland, the author of the Beach. (The Beach movie was a bit of a let-down but the book was a lot of fun. ) It’s a 2002 movie but I just rewatched it to do this 28 Weeks Later review and feel it hasn’t aged at all.

28 Days Later 28 Days Later
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The movie starts off with some animal rights activists in a lab where animal experiments are taking place and it is here, before the story really starts, that we find out that the zombies of 28 Days Later are people infected with the highly contagious rage virus. The name explains it really but just in case you missed it, the rage virus makes the victim suffer from uncontrollable rage. And we find out soon enough that this rage is directed at those who haven’t been infected.

28 Days Later Empty London
London is empty

The main story starts off with our protagonist, Jim (played by Cillian Murphy) waking up in an abandoned hospital, very reminiscent of Rick Grimes waking up at the beginning of the Walking Dead. Of course, 28 Days Later was released the year before the first issue of the Walking Dead was published. And there the similarities with the Walking Dead end. Jim walks out into an eerily empty London and he is alone. The opening scenes are haunting but it doesn’t take long for him to be discovered by the infected and he has to run.

The infected are very fast. They are humans that are blinded by rage after all and you can imagine what they are capable of. I liked this part of the story. It’s scientific and believable. They are not dead people coming back to life. But they are monsters with only one thing on their mind and that is the destruction of non-infected people. Not only do the infected move quickly but you can get infected very quickly. A drop of blood or saliva from the infected might be enough to turn you and when you when you are infected it doesn’t take a minute for you to turn. It makes it easy to understand how the country gets wiped out so quickly.

28 Days Late Infected Child
28 Days Late Infected Child

The infected are the enemy but they are not necessarily the biggest threat in the movie. This is a theme that you will see in many zombie movies and a theme that plays over and over in the Walking Dead. I don’t think that it has been done better than in 28 Days Later, though. We can understand the motivations and actions of some of the villains as they think it is the end of days but even out hero succumbs to his baser emotions.

If you imagine yourself as a zombie apocalypse survivor, these are definitely not the zombies you want to be fighting. Your chance of survival would be very low.

Zombie Origins

The rage virus was created in a lab and was being tested on monkeys. Animal rights activists released them and that was pretty much it for Great Britain.

How to kill the zombies

The infected are basically just very angry people so you can kill them just like regular folk. They also die of natural causes.

Zombie Terminology

They are called the infected.

28 Weeks Later

28 Weeks Later was co-written and directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, with Danny Boyle and Alex Garland, director and writer of 28 Days Later respectively, acting as executive producers.

28 Months Later

This is a potential sequel. There haves been rumors, but who knows if it will ever be made.

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