I had never even heard of this upcoming zombie splatter comedy until I saw the ATTACK OF THE LEDERHOSENZOMBIES Teaser Trailer on YouTube. From the video thumbnail, I thought that it was an old movie but I guess that’s just the fashion in Austria, where the movie is set. Kidding. The coloring of the image has a real technicolor vibe.

“Zombies are dead meat.”

It’s a teaser trailer but this movie looks stuck in B-Movie territory. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Many of the classic zombie movies were and are considered B-Movies so ATTACK OF THE LEDERHOSENZOMBIES is just following on their footsteps.

“What happens on my mountain will stay on my mountain.”

The plot of the movie is that some mad scientist’s experiment goes wrong infecting some innocent people in the Austrian Alps and turning them into zombies. Even if there were no zombies, I’m a bit curious to see the movie as I lived and worked in a ski resort in Tyrol a couple of times. But there are infected zombies in this movie who are apparently are not that easy to distinguish from the local drunkards causing havoc with the Apres-Ski crowd.

Attack of the Lederhosenzombies Teaser Trailer


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