Dead Snow Review

Dead Snow Review

Dead Snow might be the first Norwegian movie that I have ever watched. And I don’t mean the first Norwegian zombie movie, the first Norwegian movie. It was a lot of fun.

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At the beginning of the movie, we see a woman being chased through a snow-covered forest. It’s not clear who she is or who’s chasing her but we do catch glimpses here and there of her uniformed pursuers. If you have seen the movie poster before watching the movie you can figure out quite quickly that she is being chased by zombie nazis.

A group of friends are heading up the snow-covered mountain for Easter break and reading the subtitles (my Norwegian is non-existant) I thought that the scene and the banter between the friends were very similar to what you’d expect from a typical American horror movie. It started off a little formulaic but amusing none the less and the characters were all likable and there didn’t seem to be any tension between them. They looked a bit old to be students but they’re medical students so that might explain that.

A side note here. One of the young men is a movie freak and he happens to be wearing a Braindead t-shirt. Braindead is a Peter Jackson zombie movie that was called Dead Alive in the US.

The group was starting to drink and party when this stranger turned up asking for coffee. He was was a bit creepy and quite rude. If you didn’t know it was a zombie movie you would think that he’d turn out to be a murderous psychopath and the main villain of the movie. He told them a story:

I reckon you small, spoilt brats couldn’t be bothered to read a little local history about the area before you snow-scootered in here?

The story was about Nazi’s who had been in the area during World War II and the legend that they still haunted the mountain. Sounded like a ghost story but the reality turned out to me much worse. Things start to go downhill from there and there is a lot of blood. So much blood that the movie could have been called Red Snow.

Zombie Leader

A lot of people get killed but they put up a fight and there’s a lot of zombie killing too. Those nazi zombies go down like regular zombies. They seem to be able to communicate telepathically as there is a zombie leader.

It’s not a perfect movie and it does take a while to get to the action but when it does get going it doesn’t stop, right up to the last scene. And before that, we are kept entertained by the ribald dialog and the building tension. The zombie makeup is excellent and I found myself laughing at some of the ways the zombies died. Some of the students die in unfortunate ways too. If you like zombie movies with humor then you have to watch this. I am really looking forward to the sequel: Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead.

Zombie Origins

Nazis terrorized this area during World War II until eventually the locals had enough and forced them to flee into the mountains where it was assumed they died. They did it seems but they came back to protect their gold. It doesn’t make a lot of sense but it is a zombie movie.

How to kill the zombies

A bullet or a strong blow to the head.

Zombie Terminology

They call them zombies. They might have a few other names in Norwegian.

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