Miruthan Trailer

Apparently¬†Miruthan is the first Tamil zombie movie. I don’t really know what Tamil means but a quick check on Wikipedia tells me that a quick check is not enough to understand what it means. I think the movie was made in India and I guess it’s in the Tamil language. The Miruthan¬†trailer is a lot of fun. It starts off slowly but it looks like there is going to be plenty of zombies and ridiculous over-the-top scenes. There is even what looks like a zombie dog in one scene. The zombies look quite powerful as well. They seem to be almost able to fly.

Miruthan Trailer

It’s directed by Shakti Soundar Rajan and stars Jayam Ravi and Lakshmi Menon. I don’t know who they are, if they are big stars or anything really. I wouldn’t even be confident in trying to pronounce their names.

Miruthan Trailer Zombie Horde

Miruthan is scheduled to be released in India on January 15th, 2016. Who knows when it will arrive on foreign shores but I will be watching it when it does.

Miruthan Trailer Zombie Dog

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