Navy SEALs vs. Zombies Review

Navy SEALs vs. Zombies Review

I guess if you were wondering who would be the best people to fight zombies, you may have come up with Navy SEALs. They are known as the elite of the American military and recently have been credited with killing Osama Bin Laden. And that was probably how this film got made. It’s a simple concept with potential. Squandered potential. It’s not a terrible a movie but it’s not a good one either. Navy SEALs vs. Zombies is a 2015 movie and it’s 97 minutes long.

When I was a teenager I used to enjoy watching actor Michael Dudikoff kicking butt on the little screen. We rented movies like American Ninja and watched them over and over. But I don’t remember the last time I had seen one of his movies. I was curious when I saw this zombie movie starring Michael Dudikoff and thought I might enjoy the nostalgia of seeing him kick more butt. This time, it would be zombie butt. I was a bit disappointed, though because he wasn’t involved in any butt-kicking. He played the role of a commanding officer and he spent most of the movie spouting idiotic dialog over the airways or arguing with some lady from the CIA. When she wanted to give him some important information about the mission his men were on he refused to listen. He actually walked up to her and said:

You can stay here or get out!

The dialog wasn’t great and the story was quite formulaic. Heroes go in to rescue someone important while fighting zombies and acting all heroic. The SEALs were sufficiently burly to be visually convincing but something was off. There were no arguments, no real conflicts. They discussed things like gentlemen, formed decisions and acted. Speaking of acting, it wasn’t terrible but nobody really stood out. The rookie is the star of the movie, I guess. It’s his first mission, of course. The other SEALs all kind of blended into one person.

Navy SEALs vs. Zombies

The zombies are the fast kind and there is a very little gore. Of course, a few of the guys get bitten and there are a few physical altercations with the undead but mostly they took down the zombies with headshots from modern weapons and used stealth to avoid them. It’s a bit like how I used to play video games.

Navy SEALs

The zombie makeup is pretty good and the special effects are well done. The production values are simply too high to call this a B-movie so if that’s what you are looking for you will be disappointed. On top of the dialog, some things were a bit stupid. There is one scene where this zombie is driving a car (I don’t know, I just don’t know) and our hero decides to stop it with a grenade. But he has been trying to be quiet so as not to attract the zombies. Was there a zombie driving a car? I’m beginning to doubt myself.

I don’t really know what else to say about this movie. Watch it if you want but if you don’t you’re not missing anything. I think that even if you do decide to watch it, you will probably forget about the story…because it’s so generic.

Zombie Origins

A biological agent was created by a lab for the military. The intention was to weaponize humans. In a way, it was a success.

How to kill the zombies

Destroy the brain. If you happen to have military weapons, all the better.

Zombie Terminology

To quote:

“…for lack of a better word, zombies.”

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