Walking Dead #151

The Walking Dead #151

The Walking Dead #151 has just been released so fans of the Walking Dead comic book, rejoice. You can get the comic for $2.95 from Amazon.com but it is not yet available on Kindle/Comixology. So, if you are a fan of digital comics you will have to wait another while to get your hands on The Walking Dead #151.

If like me, you are not up to date on the comic book, there may be some spoilers below.

PREVIOUSLY: Rick is brutally attacked by Morton and Vincent, who both lost family to the Whisperers. But they find Rick Grimes won’t be so easily threatened—or killed. Still bloodied from the ambush, Rick addresses all of Alexandria… announcing plans to build a military large enough to defeat the Whisperers… to thunderous applause.

To celebrate the 150th comic book, the Walking Dead #150 was a bumper-sized issue with 40 pages. It really was something to celebrate when Robert Kirkman realized that the comic was going to do well, his dream was to take it to 75 issues. Apparently 75 issues is quite an achievement for a new comic.

Below is a preview of some of the panels from the Walking Dead #151 which you will probably already have seen if you have been following zomBtees on Twitter or Facebook.

The Walking Dead #151 Preview

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