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28 Days Later Review

While some might argue that the infected of 28 Days Later are not zombies because they never died and may not be interested in eating human flesh, I disagree. It’s not only one of my favorite zombie movies, it’s one of my favorite movies.

Dawn of the Dead Poster

While the story is not bad the Dawn of the Dead zombies makeup was terrible and the action unrealistic. This 1978 movie doesn’t hold up well.

White Zombie Poster

White Zombie Review White Zombie is considered to be the very first zombie movie so, of course, I had to watch it. I should state for the record that I watched the version embedded above. The picture quality is not great and the sound is terrible. I missed quite a bit of the dialog. Still, I’m…

Night of the Living Dead Thumbnail

While not the first zombie movie in existence, Night of the Living Dead is seen as the first of the modern zombie movies where zombies rise from the grave and try to eat people. That fact is not the only reason you should watch this, though.

Day of the Dead 2008 Poster

Despite its source material, the third part of George A. Romero’s Dead Trilogy (the original Day of the Dead), and its cast which included American Beauty’s Mena Suvari as well as Pulp Fiction’s Ving Rhames, Day of the Dead (2008) just isn’t a very good movie.